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Why you should become a NatrixLab Centre

To offer a complete range of diagnostic tests

NatrixLab tests are the most complete range of tests on the market today: becoming a NatrixLab Centre means offering your patients diagnostic assistance, ranging from food intolerance to assessing cardiovascular risks, from lipidomics to intestinal health, from the anti-aging line through to hormonal profiles.
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For the quality and performance of our laboratory service

NatrixLab has developed an efficient laboratory service whereby you can book the collection of the blood sample, for any test, anywhere in the country: we will do the rest!
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To offer telemedicine and mobile health services

Telenutrizione is a telematic platform used to provide remote nutritional services, using cutting edge technology such as telemedicine and devices to read the patient’s vital parameters: discover the opportunities for your centre.
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To make your business more efficient and profitable

NatrixLab provides you with EasyLab free of charge, which is a telematic platform you can use to save time and follow your patient’s analysis process step by step, and you can also download the informative material about the tests, the Natrix services and all the special promotions we reserve for you.
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Because we produce kits and antigens. For you too

Natrix produces more than 400 different antigens, and within a few days is able to provide personalized antigens to request, and diagnostic kits for your own on-site analyses.
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Because we help you to promote the services

NatrixLab provides you with the necessary material to promote the services in either your physical or virtual centre: displays, posters, leaflets, graphic inserts to publish in your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus profiles.
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Because we direct the patients to your centre

We support your centre by promoting the diagnostic and nutritional services with the patients, directing them to the authorized centres. Attending trade fairs and events, advertising campaigns in the general and specialized press, and marketing activities in websites and social networks have always been an important part of our communications activities.
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