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Clinical biochemistry

There are several disorders that are more or less directly related to our eating habits and lifestyle in Western society: hypercholesteromia, hypertriglyceremia, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, liver, kidney, skin pathologies, cephalea, hemicranias, allergies, cellulitis.

Our clinical biochemical tests enable revealing the state of health of your organism, and give precise indications on how to change your lifestyle for effective prevention.

Lipidomic Profile

The “Lipidomic Profile” is a test that systematically identifies the lipids, commonly known as fats, and their structural and functional nature in both physiological and pathological situations.
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Cardio Wellness Test

The “Cardio Wellness Test” is an indicator of the state of health of your cardiocirculatory system, and involves evaluating 12 parameters of the health of your heart, with integrations according to the latest indications from scientific research.
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Zona Plus Test

Lo “Zona The “Zona Plus Test” is an integrated test which evaluates the ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids (AA/EPA ratio) and also two other fundamental parameters: insulin and glycaemia, which give a more complete evaluation of the hormonal balance in the metabolism.
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Check Up Profiles

The “Check Up Profiles” are a series of profiles to evaluate the state of health of our body, and to prevent the main pathologies that affect Western society.
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