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Minerals are of fundamental importance for the correct function of our organs and apparatus, and for all our metabolic processes acting as activators or inhibitors of the majority of enzymatic reactions.

Unbalanced concentrations of micronutrients can be caused by nutritional deficiencies, stress, pollution and constant exposure to environments rich in heavy metals, which cause varying disorders: behavioural – like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, attention deficit and chronic tiredness, or chronic pathologies and many other disorders that are hard to understand without the help of in-depth analysis.

The NatrixLab test measures and identifies 38 minerals, which are divided into nutritional minerals, toxic minerals and other minerals, and it calculates not just the concentration but also the ratio.

Mineral Evo

“Mineral Evo” is an analysis on a hair sample that enables evaluating the levels of essential minerals for our health and the main toxic minerals found in our cells in the three-four months prior to the test.
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