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Range of diagnostic tests

NatrixLab offers the most complete range of diagnostic tests available on the market: it is the result of 15 years research on food intolerances, and have progressively been extended over the years.

Now NatrixLab provides six families of diagnostic tests, which can be requested from pharmacies, medical centres, analysis laboratories and health spas.

NatrixLab collects any sort of sample: blood, hair, faeces, urine, saliva, biological tissues.

Explore our tests now: in the detailed charts you will find all the information about our diagnosis methods, the symptoms that make it advisable to undergo our tests, and the illustrations of the kits and examples of the reports.

Make your peace with food!
Discover which foods you are intolerant to with our immunology tests.
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You can age well!

Our antiaging line
traces your cellular ageing profile.
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Take your health to heart!
With our tests you can prevent cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.
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Intestinal problems: why?
Our tests provide
a complete screening
of your intestine’s state of health.
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The environment is not always healthy.
Monitor the quantity
of heavy metals
you have
in your organism.
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Balanced hormones means wellbeing!
Menopause, insomnia, stress… discover the range of our hormonal profiles for your wellbeing.
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