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Our laboratory service


NatrixLab has developed its internal laboratory service to manage the entire analysis process and enable its clients to follow the operations simply and quickly, both for the material and information flows.

With this system NatrixLab serves around 6,800 health structures, with more than 42,000 analysis reports every year.

Thanks to NatrixLab you can dedicate more time to your patients because we look after everything else!

This is a brief description of the process:

  1. Assignment letter
    Each new Natrix client receives an assignment letter, describing the procedures and requesting authorization to process their personal data.
    Within three working days from when Natrix receives the signed letter back you will receive:
    Informative and advertising material about the tests you require;
    Sample kit;
    Email with credentials to access the EasyLab platform.
  2. Sample transport kit request
    You can request the sample transport kit by phoning NatrixLab or on the EasyLab platform.
    You will receive the specific kit for the type of analysis you indicated in the assignment letter.
  3. Booking sample collection and shipment method
    You can book the sample collection directly on the EasyLab platform, or by phoning our head office from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00.
    The collection will be made the day after booking.
    Our courier will collect the sample within the day in accordance with the flight times and hours managed by the couriers, in order for it to reach our laboratory within 48 hours.
  4. Report
    Depending on the test, the report is provided between 72 hours and 7 working days from the date the sample arrives in our laboratory.
    We send the printed report, and on the EasyLab platform you can view and download it in PDF form as soon as it leaves our laboratory.

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