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Intestinal health

The intestine is the last portion of the digestive apparatus, and is also known as the second brain as it contains a real nervous system in its walls.

During a person’s lifetime around 30 tons of food and 50 thousand litres of liquid pass along the intestine, and it is constantly subjected to continuous anti-hygienic stimuli from food, pollutants, pathogenic agents, and therefore is involved in various disorders, mainly due to stress and poor diet.

The range of NatrixLab tests for intestinal health enable finding the answer to problems that affect around 70% of the population, to then correct the eating habits that are often the cause for flora alterations in Western society.

In Flora Scan

“In Flora Scan” is a complete test that is useful to evaluate the flora, any inflammation in the intestine, digestive capacity and intestinal permeability.
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Dysbio Check

Dysbio Check” evaluates the quality-quantity alteration of microflora that at urinary level doses metabolites that are produced in excess by putrefactive dysbiotic flora.
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